Bollywood Queen Kangana Ranaut’s Latest Revelations are on Pay Disparity

Bollywood Queen Kangana Ranaut’s Latest Revelations are on Pay Disparity

Actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her bindaas attitude in Bollywood industry. She is one of the talented actresses who boldly speaks her heart out on any occasion. She was the one who took the nepotism issue to the forum and has also legally fought against Hrithik Roshan on a murky issue.

Yes, for those who don’t know, for a past few months, she is having a lot of issues with Hrithik regarding her relationship with him. And now once again she is back with a whole new issue of pay disparity in Bollywood.

In an interview with Mid-day, the actress said Bollywood industry is doing an injustice with the actresses by following the old tradition of ‘pay disparity’.

According to her, actresses themselves are responsible for this because some of them think female actresses cannot pull that much of crowd as compared to male actors, so how can they demand for more pay?

She also added that if this trend continues, then there is no hope for better times for women in the industry. She personally works for 365 days and thinks she is equal to a male actor. Hence, why should she suffer from this remuneration?

She further added that the entire industry is not made up of four actors. There are a number of actors and actresses so justice should be given equally to all. Regarding her work experience she said, “I have 10 years of experience and have set a bench mark for myself. So I can demand a certain fee for my acting skills.”

Pointing to the big stars she said that anybody’s film can fail and the same has happened this year. Any way, we should appreciate this lady for her bindaas style of speaking.

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